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Pakistani Senator says rulers failed Dr. Aafia


‘Rulers are a humiliation for Pakistanis’


By Tahir Niaz


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s rulers have become a source of humiliation for its citizens worldwide, Senator Talha Mahmood, chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, said on Thursday.

To a question about Dr Aafia Siddiqui at a press conference, Mahmood said the country’s leaders had failed to protect the self-esteem of the nation at the international level. 

On the Pakistani family detained in Saudi Arabia on drug charges, he said his committee would take notice of all the circumstances which led to the arrest of “innocent Pakistanis”. 

Had they been US citizens, he said, the Saudi government would have released them within 24 hours.

Talha said he would seek a report from the departments concerned on why passengers were not properly checked for contraband at airports.


Orginal article from the Daily Times

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