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Lord Nazir seeks Dr. Aafia's return to Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Lord Nazir Ahmed, member House of Lords, has called upon the Pakistani government to take up Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s issue with the United States for her return to Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, he said it was the state’s responsibility to bring back Dr Siddiqui and other missing persons from foreign countries so that they could have a fair trial in their home country.

Referring to the reconstruction of educational facilities in Azad Kashmir where nearly 5,500 school buildings were destroyed in the Oct 8, 2005 earthquake, he deplored that there was no master plan to rebuild schools and an entire generation was being denied quality education.

He expressed dismay that there was no accountability for poorly-built government buildings that collapsed like house of cards in the earthquake.

In reply to questions about involvement of Pakistani students in terrorism, he said the British government had no evidence to hold them, charge them and convict them.

Mr Ahmed said he had been calling upon his government to make an apology on the issue and allow the students to continue their studies in UK.

‘They can apply for asylum because of fear of facing allegations in Pakistan for something they did not do.’

He said Pakistanis should ask the government as to who was financing terrorist attacks, where terrorists were getting training and who were providing them arms.


Published in DAWN.com


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