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Statement from Dr. Aafia's PAK Gov. appt. legal team

Septemeber 2, 2009


We thank the court for granting our entry into this case.

We look forward to representing Dr. Aafia in her struggle for justice and restoring her home to Pakistan where she belongs.

We ask all who report on this case and those fair Americans who will eventually sit in judgement of her, to remember that this is a criminal case, and that Dr. Aafia begins this journey as an innocent person under the laws of our country.

We are confident that the evidence in this case will show that Dr. Aafia harmed no one. To the contrary, this 90 lb. mother of 3 was shot and wounded herself, the alleged circumstances of which are not supported by the evidence.

Especially during these defining times in our country's history, we must be faithful in our commitment to those noble principles of justice and due process, which sets us apart from others, where rumor and speculation substitute for evidence beyond all reasonable doubt. Dr. Siddiqui harmed no one. Dr. Aafia is innocent of these charges.

Attorneys: Linda Moreno, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, and Charles Swift

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