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Dr. Aafia’s Repatriation : President Zardari and Foreign office silence raises questions

The family of Dr. Aafia appreciates interior minister’s efforts & thanks him for his email and phone call.

Based on media reports it appears that for the first time a ranking Pakistani official has made a formal request for Aafia's repatriation from the United States.  Although the U.S. has not acknowledged receipt of any letter, we trust the truth of Mr. Rehman Malik's statements.

We are appreciative of the efforts of Minister Rehman Malik in this regards and for the past assistance in relation to two of Aafia's three children, Ahmed and Maryam.  So far he has been one of a very small number of officials from the establishment who have taken steps beyond words and attempted to act on promises made to the family.

As previously stated by former US attorney General. Mr. Ramsey Clark on his recent visit to Pakistan and reinforced by our attorney and others in America, any meaningful dialog with the US has to be initiated at the level of President and must involve the real power brokers in Pakistan.  Only then will the US take requests from Pakistan seriously.  Unfortunately, these people have been deafeningly silent when it comes to Aafia, thus sending a signal to the US that they do not wish to have Aafia back in Pakistan.

We understand that the rules of protocol limited the ability of Minister Malik to address his request to the appropriate level in the US and we also understand and applaud the fact that Minister Malik went above and beyond to raise the case of Aafia.  The officials whose actual job it is to work for getting Aafia home and who can be far more effective have abdicated their responsibility to Aafia in particular and the Pakistani nation in general.

So, after years of requests from the nation and after countless false claims by government in the press, it seems we finally have at least one person who has stepped up.  We are hopeful that soon others will do so as well and eventually even those to whom the US listens will step out of the shadows and let the US know that repatriating Aafia is not only the right thing to do but also in the better pragmatic interests of American and Pakistani cooperation.

The chairman of UNAC said that on this occasion that the political changes are taking place nowadays in Pakistan and America. Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari must write a letter to President of America Barrack Obama regarding the repatriation of Aafia. The US judicial system is unfair with Dr. Aafia. As Humanity they must release to her honorably.

The representative of Code pink, Judith Bello said that there would be bigger demonstration than Karachi in Newyork for free Aafia. It is said by her that for Aafia’s release by US public opinion reached by a paved by government will be forced to release Aafia.

Earlier, when they reached to Dr. Aafia’s family at her residence, so; thousands of people from many other organizations gave warm welcome to them including Aafia Movement. They took special interest in Visual display.