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KP Assembly demands release of Aafia Siddiqui

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Wednesday passed a unanimous resolution demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui from the US prison. The resolution tabled by Mohammad Ali, Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) MPA from district Dir Upper was also carrying the signatures of the Sardar Aurangez Nalota of PML-N, Syed Mohammad Ali Shah Bacha of PPP, Lutf-ur-Rehman (JUI-F), Inayatullah Khan JI, Mehr Taj Roghani PTI and Abdul Monim ...

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ڈاکٹر عافیہ کی والدہ اچانک طبیعت خراب ہونے سے نجی اسپتال میں داخل

کراچی(25اکتوبر 2014ء)قوم کی بیٹی ڈاکٹر عافیہ صدیقی کی والدہ عصمت صدیقی کی اچانک طبیعت خراب ہونے کی وجہ سے نجی اسپتال میں داخل کردیا گیا ہے، ڈاکٹر فوزیہ صدیقی نے پوری قوم سے ان کی صحتیابی کے لیے دعاوٴں کی اپیل کی ہے۔ ...

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Family questions silence of Pakistan Government in Aafia case

Family questions silence of Pakistan Government in Aafia case No statement attributed to Aafia acceptable till resumption of her communication  with family: Dr.Fowzia Karachi, October 13:  Aafia family has questioned the silence of the Pakistani government on the abrupt closing of Aafia Siddiqui case under mysterious circumstances. Dr Fowzia Siddiqui of Aafia Movement in a statement on Monday no o ...

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Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s sister makes plea for mercy to IS kidnappers

The family of a Pakistani woman jailed in the US has pleaded with the jihadist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (IS) to release the British aid worker Alan Henning and other hostages. Dr Fawzia Siddiqui, whose sister's release has been demanded by IS as part of a prisoner swap, said her sister would be ''distraught and devastated'' to discover that militants were using her name to j ...

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Aafia Movement has nothing to do with violence: Fowzia

Aafia Movement has nothing to do with violence: Fowzia Vested interests trying to sabotage Aafia cause by linking it to terrorism Karachi, August 23: Aafia Movement is a peaceful movement and it has nothing to do with any kind of violence, said Aafia Movement leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui here Saturday. She said those trying to link Aafia Movement with illegal, violent and terrorist activities are the enemies o ...

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