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Aafia’s Family: A special thanks to all supporters


We would like to personally thank each and every one of you for all the efforts and support you have shown for our sister's case over the past several months.

In the hectic pace and focus on events, sometimes one forgets to acknowledge those whose efforts and actions are the real catalysts behind the many successes we have achieved on a very hard journey. While there are those who actively seek recognition of everything they do, you all are the unsung heroes who have asked for nothing but given so much.

We did not know most of you a year ago but over the past few months we  have come to appreciate the selfless energy that you have demonstrated. We do not have the words to do justice to your support so we will simply reflect in this month of Ramadan and ask God to reward each and every one of you in a way that we cannot.

One of the most incredible things we witnessed was how people with differing, often opposing political views cast these differences aside and worked together for a common, just cause. For us personally, this has done much to restore confidence in our community and the many good people in it.

While our journey ahead remains difficult and uncertain, we thank God for the company of travelers like you who have joined the caravan and trust that we shall reach a happy destination together, inshaAllah.

Wishing all of you a blessed Ramadan and a peaceful and prosperous life for you and all your loved ones.

Mohammad Siddiqui
Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui